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Pallets Help Move The World

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General Pallets INC., has a combined history of over 90 years of pallet manufacturing and sales. Specializing in all types of pallets and crating, General Pallets INC. is dedicated to quality and providing the product and special services that the customer deserves.

History of General Pallets

General Pallets, Inc. started over 25 years ago as a manufacturer of wood pallets. The company’s original manufacturing facility is in Fort Smith, Arkansas but has grown through acquisitions of other pallet companies over the years…Read More

General Stakes

General Stakes, a division of General Pallets, has acquired the assets of Timber Valley. We are happy to announce the addition of wooden survey stakes to our list of wood products. Our mission is to provide our customers with a high quality wood product at a competitive price, with a commitment of service.

SkCorr Board

Environmental Solutions

  • SCORE with Cost Savings
  • SCORE with Light Weight
  • SCORE with Export Certified
  • SCORE with Mold Free
  • SCORE with Sustainable Process

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Corrugated Pallets

Here at General Pallets, we recognize that everyone has unique shipping needs, so we have corrugated pallets available in addition to our wood pallets.

History of Pallets: WWII and the Rise of Pallets

Pallets played a critical role in the logistics of World War 2, and the war, in turn, played a big role in the further development of pallets and how they are used today, with the invention of the four-way entry pallet, as well as the concept of using standardized pallets.

Service Area

Service Area

  • Arkansas
  • Eastern Oklahoma
  • Northeastern Texas
  • Southwestern Missouri
  • Southeastern Kansas