General Pallets

About General Pallets & Crates

Our Company

General Pallets & Crates started over 25 years ago as a manufacturer of wood pallets. The company’s original manufacturing facility is in Fort Smith, Arkansas but the company has grown through acquisitions of other pallet companies over the years.

  • 190,000 sq. ft. fully enclosed facility in Fort Smith
  • All raw materials and finished goods stay indoors
  • More capacity means competitive pricing.
  • Well trained and committed workforce.
  • Let us design a special program to fit your needs (i.e. daily deliveries, inventory management)
  • Members of NWPCA and ISPM 15 Certified.


our value proposition

By employing high-quality standards, advanced production automation, and delivering outstanding customer service, we have established ourselves as the superior packaging and shipping products partner to many industries nationwide.


General Pallets provides exceptional value when it comes to quality by instilling confidence that our customers will receive their pallets consistently within their specifications, having a better safety environment for their people and products (minimize product loss), and ensuring a clean impression of their company through their distribution channels.


General Pallets provides exceptional value when it comes to automation through ensuring confidence in our customers that they will receive their product within their specifications, knowing that we can scale a large amount of pallets allowing them to get their supplies when they need them and keep their costs in check.


General Pallets provides exceptional value when it comes to customer service. Our customers have full confidence that they will never have any downtime due to their pallet supply. This gives them the peace of mind to know that they don’t have to worry about pallet inventory and allows them to focus on their core business, and they know their deliveries arrive the same way every time, and on time.