General Pallets

General Pallets’ CNC Machine

Our CNC machine is from Komo Machine, Inc. which “designs and manufactures an entire line of high quality precision computer numerically controlled (CNC) routers and machining centers.”

The model we use at General Pallets & Crates is the Mach One GT Series CNC Machining Center which features a moving gantry configuration.

At General Pallets & Crates, we strive to provide our customers with the best quality product we possibly can. With our Komo CNC machining center, we can better serve our customers and meet all their shipping needs, no matter how specific or unique they are. explains The Basics of CNC and how it works: “Specific coded instructions are sent to what is called an internal microprocessor within the control system of a machine tool. This microprocessor essentially functions as a mini computer that can receive information. This internal processor accepts the informational instructions it receives, interprets how they are meant to be implemented, and then physically performs a desired function for a machine.”
As says, the big benefit of using a CNC machine, as opposed to a manually-operated machine tool, is that the “pre-coded functions can be much more specific – and performed far more precisely”. Some other benefits of utilizing CNC machines, as listed by, include:

  1. Saving on manufacturing costs: Because CNC machines are so accurate, they significantly reduce waste.
  2. Increased speed of production: The efficiency of CNC machines enables you to produce more in less time.
  3. Increased safety: Safety risks are very rare since the entire fabrication process within the machine is automated.
  4. Increased efficiency of production: Most CNC machines can detect if there are any problems in the production process and then respond by shutting down or fixing the problem internally.
  5. Reduced production costs: CNC machines are made to work perfectly over a long period of time without needing regular maintenance or repairs.

It is because of benefits such as these that General Pallets uses a CNC machine. defines CNC as “a manufacturing concept in which machines are automated to perform certain functions based on the instructions fed to those machines.”