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General Pallets & Crates has a combined history of over 90 years of pallet manufacturing and sales. Specializing in all types of pallets and crating, General Pallets & Crates is dedicated to quality and providing the product and special services that the customer deserves.

History of General Pallets

General Pallets & Crates started over 25 years ago as a manufacturer of wood pallets. The company’s original manufacturing facility is in Fort Smith, Arkansas but has grown through acquisitions of other pallet companies over the years…Read More

Correll, Inc. has been in business for over 50 years and we have been working with our partner General Pallets & Crates since 1987. They have been a consistent and reliable supplier of pallets for our line of furniture products. They provide a quality product and consistently deliver on time.

Neal Cowne

COO, Correll

General Pallets & Crates is an exceptionally professional supplier, meticulous in the areas of delivery and service. They are flexible, have good quality, and ensure that our customer’s requirements are fulfilled. It is always a pleasure to work with General Pallets & Crates.

Ongweoweh Corp.


General Pallets & Crates manufactures a number of products and containers for shipping purposes, with custom designs being our specialty. Using only virgin wood, General Pallets is dedicated to building quality products.

How to Calculate Pallet Shipment Size and Weight

Knowing how to calculate the size and weight of your pallet shipments can help you estimate shipping costs accurately. Bizfluent’s article How to Calculate Pallet Size explains how to determine the volume and dimensional weight of your pallet shipments. Calculating...

Wooden Pallet Industry Statistics

Through recent research projects, the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA), Virginia Tech and the USDA Forest Service have collected survey data on the wooden pallet industry, related to the 2016 fiscal year. Below is some of their findings on...
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Service Area

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