General Pallets

About General Pallets LLC.

Our Company

General Pallets, Inc. started over 25 years ago as a manufacturer of wood pallets. The company’s original manufacturing facility is in Fort Smith, Arkansas but the company has grown through acquisitions of other pallet companies over the years.  General Pallets also has a presence with a manufacturing facility in the southwest corner in the state of Missouri. The combined resources of these acquisitions gives customers a broad choice of pallets and other shipping products.

  • 190,000 sq. ft. fully enclosed facility in Fort Smith
  • All raw materials and finished goods stay indoors
  • More capacity means competitive pricing.
  • Additional manufacturing in Missouri.
  • Well trained and committed workforce.
  • Let us design a special program to fit your needs (i.e. daily deliveries, inventory management)
  • Members of NWPCA and ISPM 15 Certified.


Our commitment to our customers

We believe that quality is important, even in pallets. We will give you the service that you deserve on a timely schedule.  Let us be your pallet insurance.