What does it mean to “Palletize”?
To palletize simply means to put items on pallets. How those items are placed on the pallets depends on which approach is used- manual, semi-automated or automated. The most beneficial approach depends on your business and product. Regardless of the approach, there are multiple benefits that come with the decision to palletize.

5 Major Benefits of Palletizing
Packaging Revolution’s article Why Palletize? and Bizfluent’s article The Advantages of Using Pallets for Shipments point out some of the key benefits of palletizing, including:

Quicker handling

  • Palletized products can be moved more quickly
  • Faster turnaround of delivery vehicles
  • Trailer doors are available quicker for the next arrival
  • Less labor required
  • Perishable products are moved faster, reducing the risk of perishing

More efficient

  • Products are moved more efficiently
  • Products are stored more efficiently in warehouses
  • Using standard pallet sizes can optimize warehouse operations and workflow

Reduced risks

  • Less risk of product damage due to handling
  • Less risk of worker injury
  • Because pallets are stronger and more durable than other shipping containers, they can hold more products and heavier products without the risk of breaking.

Easier to transport products

  • A single pallet with several items is easier to manage/keep track of
  • Compared to other styles of unit load bases that may require specialized equipment, the universal sizes and shapes of pallets can easily be lifted and stacked by forklifts and pallet jacks.

Products kept safe

  • Pallets keep products up off the ground, away from standing water, dirt and debris
  • Pallets provide proper drainage and circulation, so even perishable items such as fresh produce are kept safe and stay fresh longer

Businesses of all kinds have been reaping the benefits of palletization for many years. No matter what kind of business you have, or what your product is, palletizing will result in greater efficiency in more ways than one.

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