What should you do with used pallets you don’t need anymore? Recycle them! There are several easy ways to recycle your pallets that can be beneficial both to you and the environment.

Instead of sending them to the landfill, use discarded pallets to produce products like animal bedding, or even flooring for eco-friendly buildings, like Nature’s Packaging suggests. Or, recycle them in one of the following ways, as listed by The National Wooden Pallet and Container Association :

  1. Energy Recovery: Get rid of pallets and conserve energy costs at the same time by burning them and using them as a heat source this winter.
    *Caution: Do not burn chemically treated pallets! Doing so can be harmful to you and the environment.
  1. Landscape Mulch: Pallet mulch protects plants and helps seal in moisture. Not only is it effective, it is completely organic, and it looks and smells great too.
  2. Soil Enhancement: Pallet mulch can be used to enhance soil. It can also protect soil from weather and moisture, which keeps it healthy.
  3. Wood Particleboard: Wood chips from recycled pallets can be used to make particleboard, which can then be used to make inexpensive wood furniture (IKEA).
  4. Compressed Wood Pallets: Particleboard made from recycled pallets can be used to make a different style of pallet, which is lighter but just as sturdy.
  5. Interior Design: For years, people have used pallets to make shelves, frames, and even furniture. Just search for ‘pallets’ on Pinterest- it’s filled with DIY projects that transform pallets into the perfect home décor piece.

So, when it’s time to do something with your pallets, consider one of these recycling options that will benefit you, the environment, and others.