At General Pallets, we use the Best Pallet™ design system. This system, developed by packaging research and consulting firm White and Company, is “user-friendly and simplified for packaging professionals, buyers and end users,” and “provides a structural design and analysis tool for all wooden pallets.”

The president of White and Company and lead developer of this “3-D pallet engineering design tool made easy” is Dr. Marshall White, one of the lead creators of the pallet industry association’s proprietary Pallet Design System (PDS). White and his team of experts at Virginia Tech’s Center for Unit Load Design developed Best Pallet™’s 3-D mathematical model “based on over 30 years of research on the scientific principles of wood properties and systems-based design.”

In a 2012 article by Modern Materials Handling Magazine, Dr. Marshall White explained that, “Best Pallet gives supply chain owners the ability to develop the optimum pallet design based on the demands of their unique systems from production line through distribution, storage, and retail display.”

Dr. White continued, “Best Pallet is a tool for packaging professionals to communicate requirements to their pallet vendor suppliers. Product damage, workplace safety, and load failure are all direct results of poor pallet design. This breakdown results in huge inefficiencies in the supply chain. Best Pallet will help begin to narrow this costly divide.”

Best Pallet gives users the ability to:

  • Design stringer pallets and block pallets
  • Analyze all wooden pallet structures
  • Calculate maximum safe load weight
  • Analyze fork tine support strength
  • Analyze racking and stacking strength and stiffness
  • Access multiple common pallet designs
  • Choose from multiple wood species
  • Create specs with graphics
  • Design in US customary or S1 metric units
  • Convert to PDF

At General Pallets, we strive to go above and beyond for our customers. The Best Pallet™ design software helps us do that so we can be as efficient as possible and offer our customers the very best product and service we can.