Wood and cardboard make great pallets. Unfortunately, they are also susceptible to mold growth.

According to an article in Pallet Central Magazine, mold can grow in any environment that has 1) a food source (such as wood and paper products) 2) a temperature between 41 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit 3) oxygen and 4) moisture. Take away one of those factors, and mold cannot survive. The problem is, most of those conditions are hard to control.

Luckily, there are multiple resources that address pallet mold prevention, including articles and web posts from Pallet Central and Modern Materials Handling.

Prevention Methods

  • Store pallets in a dry, covered place: Do not store pallets in, or near, moist environments
  • Keep pallets off the ground (approx. 12 inches)
  • Use proper ventilation: Avoid storing pallets in contained spaces
  • Ensure there is good air circulation: Maintain a consistent flow of air over the surface of the pallets by using large ceiling fans or floor fans, or store them in a fan shed

Mold is a naturally occurring thing, but implementing these preventative measures will significantly decrease the risk of its growth on your pallets.