There is a right and wrong way to pack a pallet. To ensure the safety of your product and that it travels well during shipment, take a look at these tips based on what UPS says about how to properly palletize your shipment:

Select the right pallets for your shipment

  • Size: According to UPS, “Pallets should be large enough to accommodate the shipment without overhang. Anything overhanging the pallet edges will be subjected to impacts that can result in punctures, abrasions, and compression damage.”
  • Quality: You need a sturdy, durable pallet without protruding nails or broken boards.

Stack boxes on pallets correctly 

  • If you are using boxes, crates or another type of shipping container, be sure they are strong enough to withstand stacking
  • Make sure all containers are securely closed
  • Protect your product by placing the right amount of dunnage in the containers, so that no space is left between product and container.
  • Align correctly: UPS advises, “Align boxes in columns, corner to corner, for the greatest stacking strength” and “Do not align corners over the spaces between pallet deck boards.”
  • “Do not pyramid the boxes; keep the top layer flat to prevent damage from top loads.”
  • “Avoid interlocking or rotating layer patterns”.
  • Use slip sheets: “Use a slip sheet under the load and every third layer when possible to help distribute the weight evenly and protect the bottom layer.”

Make sure your shipment is secured to the pallet

  • UPS says, “Use strapping or banding to secure your shipment to the pallet and stretch wrap (use a minimum of 60 gauge, five revolutions recommended) to prevent pieces from getting lost or separated from the load.”

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These pallet packing tips can help ensure your product arrives safely at its destination. General Pallets offers durable, customizable pallets and crates made from virgin wood to meet all your shipping needs. Contact General Pallets today.